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Working with Visionaries to make it a Better World

Pilliars of Need

What We Do

To properly vet foundations and charities that meet our criteria and find solutions to the problem


Nutrition pillar is a central pillar of focus and longevity. At risk individuals will receive knowledge and greater access to the nutrition’s currently used by developed countries.


Housing pillar is a central pillar of better living conditions. At risk individuals will receive better living conditions by providing better home foundational structures, electricity and energy.


The future of the world depends upon today’s children. It is critical that they be brought up / educated etc. in a way to clearly make for a better world.


Education pillar is a central pillar of a better learning environment. At risk individuals will receive better access to educational facilities and material to compete globally.  

Helping Veterans


Health is the absolutely the central pillar of life for the BWF – particularly with an emphasis on children and veterans.

Exercising / Sports

These are yet another area very important for all people- young and old.


Financial pillar is a central pillar to the financial strength of family units. At risk individuals will receive knowledge and access to planning, budgeting, executing and reporting of a better personal financial model.

Why Choose BW Better World Foundation?

We vet all organizations that you would like to donate money to ensure full transparency of funds.
  • Establish a strong network with various systems related to education, nutrition, real estate, and financial.
  • Launch a series of fundraising activities and donation opportunities that will expand the A.S.K. principles to all continents.
  • Establish twelve-pillar model that can become the foundation of how the world should be managed.
  • Design a checkpoint system that better determines weak areas of at risk communities.
There are many, many charities and foundations looking for money that could be thought of as similar to the BWF. A major difference is that the BWF is dedicated to properly vetting these Foundations (and if they stand up to a proper “sue diligence”) help them meet their objectives and manage themselves with best practices – planning, organization, leadership and controls.

  • Support: An individual is as strong as their support system. BWF wants to be the vehicle of guidance to assure individuals reach success.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge is power and with access and support to the knowledge of the four pillars of life individuals will create for a better world one person at a time.

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